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 How to Use Jewels!!

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PostSubject: How to Use Jewels!!   Mon Sep 03, 2007 3:56 am

As you kill monsters, you will come across Jewels, These Items are used to increase your Items Lv. As you kill monsters you Lv up, Jewels Help to raise your Items Lv..

Items Lv range From +0 all the way to +13
There are different ways to increase your items Lv.

List Of Jewels And Their Use!!
Jewel of Bless - Raises Items Lv up to +6
Jewel of Soul - Raises Items Lv up to +9 ( best used when item +6 through to +8 )
Jewel of Life - Raises Items "Option" Lv

Each Item is able to have an extra bonus, Armors (defence) Weapons (attack) and Shields (defence Rate)
each option lv increases the Defence / Attack of the item by 4
Shields Defence Rate increases by 5 each Option Lv
Maximum Option lv = 7 ( 28 ) Shield ( 35 )

Items will sometimes have an extra Bonus added to them <+Luck>, They are Rarer Items but help with 2 things. 1 Is that the item increases your chances of a critical Hit by 5%, the other will make the success Rate of a Jewel of Soul become 100% instead of the 80%

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How to Use Jewels!!
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