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 Basic Rules!!

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PostSubject: Basic Rules!!   Thu Oct 18, 2007 12:59 pm

When talking to other players, treat them like you'd like to be treated.. No Swearing, Harassing etc.

No PK'ing the same Player continuously over and over again.. once is ok, twice is enough, but 3 or more times is not on (unless the other player is ok with it)

No AFK training. I will allow AFK training for up to 5 mins (Toilet, snack etc...) but anythinh longer will not be tolerated, it is not fair for other players that train hard with patience for anyone to AFK train
**AFK = Away From Keyboard**

If You ask another player for Party etc... and they say no. Leave that player alone and get on with the game!!

If you come across another player who is training and he tells you "NO KS" leave that player alone and find another spot to train..
However if you can over-power one another then the stronger player will gain that training spot!!
**NO KS = Don't Steal my Kills / No Killing Spot**

More rules will be added as time goes by!!

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Basic Rules!!
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